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Live by Faith,
Grow in Grace

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Daniella Rangel, a kindergartener at St. Mary School in Mayville enjoyed a Picnic with the Principal on Wednesday, Sept. 13. Principal Mrs. Yauck said that lunch with Daniella was the highlight of her day. She is such a sweet little girl and her smile is so incredibly precious. Daniella talked a lot about her brothers and how much she likes spending time with them. She said that one of her favorite things to do is to go to Texas to see two of them. Daniella said that she is looking forward to going to the trampoline park with her family for her birthday, which is coming up on Tuesday. She said with a grin on her face, "wouldn't it be funny if I made my dad do a cannon ball in the ball pit" then giggled. She also talked about saving all the gold coins she gets from the Tooth Fairy and when she "gets really old, like 10 years old" she is going to buy a hamster and puppy.

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On Wednesday, Sept. 20, St. Mary School second grader, John Yanke, enjoyed a Picnic with the Principal. Mrs. Yauck said that having lunch with John made her realize how fast kids grow up. She feels so blessed to have this time with each of the kids to stay connected to them in this special way. John told Mrs. Yauck about how he loves wrestling and can't wait until it starts in winter. John showed her a beautiful rope bracelet he was wearing and said that they made them in Boy Scouts. He said that they do a lot of fun activities in Boy Scouts and learn a lot about nature. Mrs. Yauck learned that John loves spending time with his family going camping, fishing, and watching movies together on movie night. He is looking forward to the day he can go hunting with dad but is too young for that yet. What made Mrs. Yauck smile most is when she learned that he crochets with his mom and made a blanket for his baby cousin. How great is that?


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