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St. Mary School Principal Mary Yauck was so happy to have the "Picnic With the Principal" start up again. She loves getting to know the kids on a more personal level. She had a fantastic lunch with kindergartener Hailie Dobbert. They talked and laughed about all sorts of things. Hailie has 2 brothers and her mom and dad. When Hailie was asked her how she likes being the only girl with two brothers and she said "it's OK. I can handle them". We do not doubt that for a minute. She loves playing with her dog and going on vacations with her family. Hailie said that her cousins live close to her and they have "the funnest things ever" planned to do together like swimming and playing kick ball. When asked what she likes about school, Hailie said that all the kids are so nice and she has a lot of friends to play with and she loves the center areas in her class.

9.21.22 Beckham lunch.jpg

St. Mary School 2nd grader had a "Picnic with the Principal" on Wednesday, Sept. 21. Principal Mary Yauck said that Beckham had so much to say and was so full of joy. Beckham loves spending time with her family and she talked a lot about vacations they take and how she is looking forward to an upcoming vacation to visit her cousins. Beckham said that she likes a lot of sports so she joined a sports club that meets once a week and they participate in a variety of sports like bowling and kick ball. Beckham loves when people come to her house to visit and said that they have a lot of friends that like to come over. Beckham told Mrs. Yauck that she loves to do her homework because she loves school, doing presentations, math and reading.  She wants to be a doctor when she grows up, so she wants to study all she can now so that she is ready to become a doctor.

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St. Mary School 1st grader Mia Varallo had a "Picnic with the Principal" on Tuesday, Oct. 4th. Principal Mary Yauck and Mia had a great conversation about what makes her happy. Mia enjoys spending time with family. Her favorite things to do are to go to Wisconsin Dells and the park. Mia spends a lot of time in the summer swimming with her sister and brother, going for walks, riding her bike and going to summer school. She loves spending time with grandma and grandpa and enjoys seeing grandpa here at our school to teach Spanish. When asked what she likes to do at school, Mia said she loves music, gym, and recess. 

10.20.22 James lunch.jpg

St. Mary School 2nd grader James Clark enjoyed a Picnic with the Principal on Thursday, Oct. 20. Principal Mary Yauck says that James is such an interesting child. He is so full of information and loves telling stories. He talked about how the fields are rotating and changing for the next strawberry season. The Clark family has a goal for the farm to grow pumpkins and have a big apple orchard. Mrs. Yauck said that the enthusiasm in his voice while talking about their dreams made her smile. James said he is looking forward to the Mayville Christmas parade because Papa and Nana are going to have their semi trailer in it again. He said "him and papa have already been planning for it". James talked about his siblings and how much he enjoys his brothers. He said that he loves having them here at school with him. He said JoJo is too little yet to play with but he loves her anyway.

10.26.22 Aubree lunch.jpg

St. Mary School kindergartner Aubree Meinke had a "Picnic with the Principal" on Wednesday, Oct. 26. Principal Mary Yauck said that Aubree is such a smiley, bubbly little girl and she had a permanent smile on her face as they talked during lunch. Aubree told Mrs. Yauck how well she takes care of her dog Lexi. She said she feeds her, gives her water, and plays with her. She loves to have sleep overs with her friend Penny because they get to do girl stuff like playing with their dolls. When Aubree was asked what she likes to do with her family she said that they get ice cream and cheese cake a lot, which they get at the candy store. Her sweet tooth was getting the best of her and she couldn't wait to dig into Ms. Shelly's dessert that was on her plate.

11.8.22 Madilyn.png

1st grader Madilyn TeStroete had a "Picnic with the Principal" on Tuesday, Nov. 8. Principal Mrs. Yauck said that Madi is such a great conversationalist. She loves to learn about others and share what makes her happy. She enjoys where she lives because she is able to play with friends that live in her neighborhood. Madi really likes spending time with her family. Her favorite things to do with them is have movie night, game night, go to the park and have mom cook her favorite things for supper. Mrs. Yauck asked her what she loves to eat and she said casseroles of any kind and broccoli. How great is that! Madi said that her favorite things about school are that her friends are so fun to play with, she loves math, and taking tests. Way to go Mrs. Gonring for making learning fun for her!

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First grader Landon Pielmeier was all smiles during his Picnic with the Principal on Wednesday, Nov. 30. He told Principal Mary Yauck about his dog and how much he loves him. Landon said that they like to take him to the dog park and sometimes he is so goofy they think he has "lost his marbles".  He enjoys spending time with his family and going to the water park in the summer. Summer is Landon's favorite time of year because "you can wear shorts and t-shirts instead of snowpants, boots and mittens". He only likes winter if it snows so you can make snowmen and have snowball fights. When asked about school and what he likes to do when he is here, Landon said he likes playing with his friends, going outside for recess, his classroom because of the classroom pet, and petting Deja when she comes in for reading. 

Joshua 12.14.22.jpg

St. Mary School kindergartener Joshua Gonzalez Mendoza had a "Picnic with the Principal" on Wednesday, Dec. 14. He and Mrs. Yauck talked about his family and how he loves spending time with them on the weekends. They go to the park, play outside, ride scooters, and wrestle. Joshua talked about a trip he took to Mexico to see his grandmother. He said he loved it. Joshua told Mrs. Yauck that he wants to be a wrestler and football player. He wants to be a Green Bay Packer when he is "big and strong like a dad and grown man". His favorite animals are horses and rabbits. Joshua said that he went to a zoo and got to feed and ride a real horse and that's when he decided that horses are one of his favorites. 

12.21.22 Tanner.jpg

St. Mary School kindergartener Tanner Franklin had a "Picnic with the Principal" on Wednesday, Dec. 21. Principal Mary Yauck says that lunch with Tanner was a one of a kind. She has never heard a six-year-old talk about bear, deer, and coyote hunting. He has experienced all three. He talked about how the next hunt he is looking forward to is coyote hunting. He also was bummed that he and his mom only got a doe when deer hunting. He said that two big does came out just before dusk and she shot the bigger one. What a great experience for him. Tanner is a natural born farmer. He loves spending time at his uncle's farm and says that he wants to work for him one day. His favorite part of farming, at this point, is helping with field work because he gets to ride in the big tractors. Tanner asked Mrs. Yauck if she has ever helped spread manure and she said that it is really stinky. He laughed and said "that part of farming". Couldn't have said it better!

1.13.23 John.jpg

St. Mary School 1st grader John Yanke had a Picnic with the Principal on Friday, January 13th. Principal Mary Yauck said that they had such a good conversation with John during lunch. She found out his favorite thing to do with his family is go camping. John loves to go fishing with his dad and sit by the campfire and make smores. They spend a lot of time hiking and playing outside. John is involved in wrestling and looks forward to his dad being his coach when he gets to middle school. Mrs. Yauck said she so enjoyed listening to him laugh when telling me his fishing and camping stories. 

1.18.23 Kyla.jpg

St. Mary School first grader Kyla Curro had a "Picnc with the Principal" on Wednesday, Jan. 18. Mrs. Yauck says Kyla is so easy to talk with and had offered such special conversation. Kyla said that she loves to go up north with her family. The cabin that they stay at has a beautiful view of the lake. She said she loves to eat breakfast on the deck so she can see the lake and wildlife. Kyla and her family go horseback riding, swimming, play games, and fish. Kyla is a natural born dancer and gymnast. She loves her dance class and competing in gymnastics competitions. A few of her favorite things in the whole world are her dog Nala, her dad's pork steak with rice and gravy and mudslide dessert. 

1.25.23 Oliver.jpg

St. Mary School kindergartener Oliver Yanke had a "Picnic with the Principal" on Wednesday, Jan. 25. Principal Mrs. Mary Yauck said that Olvier is so full of energy and that his smile will make you melt. Oliver talked about a family vacation that he just got back from. He and his family spent time in Florida. When asked him what they did on vacation, he said that they went swimming in the ocean. He said that a shark tried to eat him, but he karate-chopped him to keep it away. When she asked him if that was true and he looked up at Mrs. Yauck, grinned, and said "What do you think?" Oliver said that he got ocean water on his lips and asked how they get that much water to taste like salt. Oliver is a sports nut and loves baseball, wrestling, football, and soccer. For fun his family likes to fish, hike, and go camping.

2.8.23 William.jpg

Kindergartner William Schuller had a Picnic with the Principal on Wednesday, Feb. 8. Mrs. Yauck said that she had a wonderful lunch with William. She said that he is such a polite and pleasant child to talk with. William talked a lot about school and said that his favorite things about school are the teachers, learning centers, playing outside at recess and making new friends. He said he really likes playing with Hailie because even though she is a girl she's good at boy stuff too. When asked what his family likes to do when they spend time together. He said they like to go visit his grandparents and like going up north to their new cabin. He talked about all the things they like to do there. There is a lake that they go swimming in, they hike, collect wood, and he and his brothers made a cool fort together. He was so excited telling me about it, she could picture what he was telling her.

2.15.23 Grayson.jpg

1st grader Grayson Staiduhar had a Picnic with the Principal on Wednesday, February 15. Principal Mary Yauck said that she felt so good after her lunch with Grayson. He has such a kind, gentle heart. They were talking about his family and things that they like to do together. Grayson has grown into quite the fine cook. He loves helping mom and dad make supper and one of his favorite desserts to make was a fruit pizza. He really enjoys their family vacations. Those he remembers best are the ones when they stay at a hotel because he loves to swim in the pool and camping. Grayson told Mrs. Yauck about a camping trip that it rained really hard. He said the water outside of the tent was up to their ankles. Right after he finished with the story, he said that the rain didn't bother him because it brought with it a "pretty" rainbow. Grayson said he likes everything about school, especially that he is getting really good at reading. 

3.8.23 Conrado.jpg

St. Mary School Kindergartner Conrado Garza had a Picnic with the Principal on Wednesday, March 8. Principal Mary Yauck said that Conrado has an infectious smile and she thoroughly enjoyed their conversation over lunch. Conrado talked about how he enjoys going to the park by his house with his brother and mom. He said they go fishing in the river there, and he loves his fishing pole. Mrs. Yauck told him that she loves fishing too. Conrado talked about how he likes finding different rocks and things in the ground. When asked him what he wants to be when he grows up, he said he wants to be a paleontologist because he loves digging things up. He has 3 cats and a gold fish that he loves. Mrs. Yauck asked him if his cats were named Giovanni, Conrado, and Heidi (mom and brothers names). He gave her a puzzled look and said "are you kidding me, that wouldn't happen!" He loves school and playing with his friends. That was very apparent as all the guys gathered around to see what book he got in his happy meal.  


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