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Our History

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 “Pupils and Class of 1910”


  • Father Joseph Heder, served St. Mary from 1896 to 1915. Under his direction the parish built a school in 1904, and the rectory in 1915. The sister's convent was built circa 1916.  It housed the Sisters of St. Agnes, who staffed the school at that time, and continued to staff it until 1978.

  • Father Spiegelhoff was succeeded by Father Joseph Brasky who only served briefly.  Then Father Oliver Zinnen, a former Navy chaplain, gave 17 years of service to the parish.  During Father Zinnen's pastorate, the present St. Mary's School was built to accommodate the day school and the CCD program.  The building consists of 8 classrooms, gym and kitchen.  Also a large area for a children's playground was provided.  During this time Father John Rausch was an associate pastor with Father Brasky, and Father Edward Vogel assisted Father Zinnen; each for a short period of two years.  Father Robert Glisch and Father Robert Maney also assisted Father Zinnen for short periods of time.

  • In the fall of 1998 St. Mary’s School, which then had eight grades housed in eight classrooms, opened a campus at St. Andrew, LeRoy.  St. Andrew’s campus housed the Day Care, Pre-School, Kindergarten programs, along with the first and second grades. The other grades remain at the Mayville campus, freeing up two rooms for use as a computer lab and a room for art and music programs.  The St. Andrew's campus closed in the fall of 2009.

  • In the summer of 2009, renovations were made to St. Mary's School to accommodate the move of the Day Care - 2nd Grade from LeRoy to Mayville.  All classes are now held in Mayville.

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